Episode 6

Episode 6

90 Degrees

This week’s show is a family saga of lust and betrayal set in the American Deep South, as the children of Herb Burgess, the head of Burgess Fine Tea, gather to plan the division of the business after their father’s incipient demise. The show’s title refers to the heat in Tennessee, but a designer error means that one of the sets has been built at a literal ninety degrees to the vertical. Too expensive to rebuild, our gang decide to turn the cameras on their side and pretend that everything’s normal. Gravity, however, has other ideas, and when even getting in and out of chairs is potentially limb-threatening, you know things aren’t going well. That's not the only problem, however, as a remote-controlled dog falls victim to a spat between Chris and Robert, rogue jack-in-a-boxes crop up on set, and Herb’s bedroom has somehow ended up upside down.

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