Episode 4

Episode 4

The Lodge

Our gang present a 1960s-set horror this week, as the mysterious Albert Fortenoy welcomes a young family to his crumbling old house. What is the secret behind the death of Albert’s late wife Vera? Who is the creepy vicar’s daughter playing outside? A number of clever theatrical horror devices are used to create a creepy atmosphere and plenty of jump scares, and every single one manages to go horribly wrong. Worse, the designers have taken ‘crumbling’ to heart and the cast contrive to fall off, out of and through everything. A stairlift develops a life-threatening mind of its own, a talking deer head fails to understand its cues, and entire rooms seem to go missing. To cap it all, the play has been running short in rehearsals, and the only solution they can find involves adjectives.

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